Watch Leaked! Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 Download|Watch in HD

Watch Leaked! Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 Download|Watch in HD

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Leaked! Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 “The Spoilers of War”

HBO has done a good job of protecting its most prized possession, Game of Thrones season 7, from hackers thus far – certainly better than with season 6 – but this week it suffered a minor blow.

GOT Episode 4, ‘The Spoils of War,’ doesn’t appear to have been stolen, but a very detailed synopsis of the script has, with HBO confirming that it has “experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information”.

It’s unfortunate, as many fans won’t actually want to read spoilers for the episode, but now they’re out there they are difficult to resist.

 Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 "The Spoiles of War"

Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 “The Spoilers of War”

We’ve read the alleged synopsis and, if it is to be believed, it depicts a busy and eventful episode, here are its most intriguing moments:

In the cave beneath Dragonstone where Jon is mining dragon-glass, the “seeds of mutual attraction” are shown. Jon apparently helps Dany down into the cave by the hand at one point, and Davos later asks Jon what he thinks of her, hinting at an attraction, to which Jon says there is no time for such things. Etchings by the First Men of White Walkers and the Night King are discovered in the dragon-glass, helping Jon convince Dany he’s telling the truth.

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Arya returns to Winterfell:

She is reunited with Sansa and Bran, but the sisters don’t embrace and their brother is still in a catatonic, zen state. Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, creeps Littlefinger out by repeating quotes of his he never actually witnessed, e.g. “chaos is a ladder”.

It’s been teased in earlier episodes, and in ep4 Littlefinger allegedly gives it to Bran, the knife that an assassin tried to kill him with way back in season 1. Bran has no use for it, disabled as he is, and entrusts it to Arya.

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Against Jon’s advice, Dany launches a full-scale attack on the Lannister army as they leave Highgarden with a wagon train of treasure (presumably the titular “Spoils of War”). Drogon is injured by Qyburn’s massive crossbow thing, but not fatally, and Jaime charges at him and Drogon, as Tyrion looks on from a way away, saying “Oh, you fucking idiot” (!). He avoids the dragon’s fire by inches thanks to Bronn.

Bran isn’t the only wayward Stark coming home to Winterfell.

Download Game of Thrones Season 7 “The Spoilers of War” HD

The teaser trailer for Sunday’s next episode of Game of Thrones heavily focuses on the ensuing war for the Iron Throne, but thrown in there, for just a brief glimpse, is a hint at the HBO drama’s next big reunion.

Seen for just a fleeting moment is what looks like Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) on horseback, looking over her homeland of Winterfell.

In the second episode of Season 7, “Stormborn,” Arya learned from her old friend Hot Pie that it was finally safe to go home after her half-brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington) defeated Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of the Bastards.

Just last Sunday, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), the ruling Lady of Winterfell in Jon’s absence (he is in Dragonstone holding court with the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen), got a surprise when her younger brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) returned to the Stark stronghold.

Bran, now the Three-Eyed Raven, which gives him the power to see into the past and the future, proceeded to creep out Sansa by telling her how beautiful she looked on her wedding day to evil Ramsay Bolton. That, of course, is a memory best left forgotten for Sansa, who was raped by Ramsay and then psychologically tortured until she finally escaped at the end of Season 5.

Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 “The Spoilers of War” Live Stream

“I think it’s a major shock for Sansa,” Hempstead Wright told Entertainment Weekly about the confab between Bran and Sansa. “She’s lost her brother once before when he fell out of that tower, and now Bran’s back, but she loses him all over again.

“All the Starks have changed so much. Arya is like this ninja assassin. Sansa has been held captive by these tyrannical men and had to become politically cunning herself. But Bran is now this tree-raven-magic thing.”

If this is an image of Arya going back home, that means we are this close to reuniting all the surviving Starks, if Jon manages to make it back to Winterfell.

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The big family reunion was teased in May when Harington, Turner, Williams and Hempstead Wright got together as their Game of Thrones characters on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

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